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Living In My Sister's Shadow [OHSHC]

Living In My Sister's Shadow [OHSHC]

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Puppet-sama By bornpuppetdiedcrying Updated May 21, 2015

As we all know from various ohshc fan fictions we have all read basically every other story has the main character be Haruhi’s twin. And this fan fiction is no different, but there’s a twist. Haruhi’s twin is a boy, Yup you heard me a guy. His name is Harou Fujioka, he’s Haruhi’s older twin brother and he doesn’t show lots of his emotions. Harou and Haruhi look almost identical, except for the fact that Harou’s hair is a dark brown and his brown eyes have a red sheen to them. And for poor Harou, he's always been living in his little sister's giant shadow.
disclaimer: i don't own oruran high school host club. all rights go to it's rightful owner so don't sue also this will be shonen ai/yaoi, if you don't like it don't read and complain
[OHSHCwattyawards 2nd place winner 2013]

Aurelltrix3 Aurelltrix3 Apr 16
How the frick are you going to get love if you keep being cold to your dad?!
- - Feb 04
I do this to my little sis gets all the love and I just sit alone.
jennifer7187 jennifer7187 Oct 19, 2016
He doesn't know how to open up to him because Haruhi is younger attention was placed on her and he started to feel ignored and its hard to snap out of it
-Winter-Grace- -Winter-Grace- Nov 24, 2016
I'm like that with most of my foods. Like I was eating curry the other day, and (like in Black Butler) I make mine with chocolate, but my mom just uses the powder. I thought it should've been sweater.
                              I won't be quick to assume tho, or to judge of him.
                              Kid is bitter
                              Could be a slitter
                              Woops he need some milk(er)
                              I'm joking, in all seriousness I feel sad for him lolol.
- - Feb 04
                              An invite to my bedroom