Little Red Riding Hood (boyxboy COMPLETED)

Little Red Riding Hood (boyxboy COMPLETED)

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Its_a_secret_guyz By its_just_me_guyz Completed

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom of Nasales...where magic is possible, anything is possible. All can procreate with just a little magic.

This story is about two boys. Alexander and Cassidy. Two boys in an arranged marriage and have no idea. Alexander, the crown prince, and Cassidy, son of Lord Winter. 

A ride in the woods brings a chance meeting that has them falling on their own asses for each other. But the reality is, unfortunately, inclusive of the world outside their precious little bubble.

Not your typical 'Little Red Riding Hood' fairytale.

Disclaimer: This is a boyxboy. There is a future mpreg in this and knotting. But only in the later chapters. This author is not responsible for any disgust homophobic people may have and also, not responsible for any developing kinks in the readers.

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jessjess11 jessjess11 Mar 12
I read ur blurb. And I see it a lot, the whole (no homophobic comments allowed thing) after clearly mentioning this is a gay book....I'm always confused cos I'm like, if ur a homophone, y tf r u reading bxb?!?!
Ivankasss Ivankasss Dec 14, 2017
Sorry to have to tell u but 'stance' is for sports, use 'position' instead
logencecea logencecea Jan 16
I know this is no time be laughing but I am because of the irony of the situation of him getting beaten up right after he said he could defend himself AND getting caught by bandits after saying he never runs into them
cerenitie cerenitie Apr 21, 2016
Did anyone else realize that it rhymed 
loversunit2107 loversunit2107 Jun 03, 2016
Well I never (in a posh way)
                              Darling I'm a girl and I could beat u with my hands tied behind my back
                              But then again we girls use this to our advantage
Grimm96 Grimm96 Jun 27, 2016
Sorry... but im not sure if it's my phone but why's chap 1 empty...? Nothing but white imma seein right now.