cough drop [h.s]

cough drop [h.s]

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l e a h By lonelyari Updated Oct 24, 2016

❝can I have a cough drop?❞

❝you can have more than that, baby❞

©lonelyari 2016

astheticxstyless astheticxstyless Dec 28, 2016
Y'all i got my tonsils removed because they were too big and I kept getting tonsillitis lmao
Louis_in_Wonderland Louis_in_Wonderland Dec 11, 2016
Okay I know Harry is know for his bad joke but let's get real here this is a new low 😂😂😂😂😂
fixatedonstyles fixatedonstyles 4 days ago
facts, i said that after the first time i blacked out...i lied to myself lmao
am_1610 am_1610 Nov 05, 2016
Lmfao me when I'm drunk, I ramble and end up talkin about anything and everything
fixatedonstyles fixatedonstyles 4 days ago
ngl i'd be creeped out if someone ever said that to me then again, if he's hot....
CalCoverYourDingDong CalCoverYourDingDong Oct 15, 2015
Oh. So a bag of cough drops? Cool-oh. Oh. OH. OKAY. ALRIGHT.