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Like Father, Like Daughter [Father!ErwinxReader]

Like Father, Like Daughter [Father!ErwinxReader]

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Dr.S.Goat By Squeevie Updated Oct 03, 2016

Title: Like Father, Like Daughter.
Type: [Character]xReader
Universe: Attack on Titan [No AU]
Add-on: Reader= Erwin's daughter

[First]= First name
[H/c]= Hair colour
[E/c]= Eye colour
[L/c]= Lip Colour

You are the daughter of the Commander of the Survey Corps, Erwin Smith, but once your mother has passed away and you have ran away from the abuse from your auntie and uncle, things become far more deep as you plan to join your father in the battle to defeat the titans. How will your father react once he sees you again, after all these years of knowing you as deceased? And who is this person you have gained the attention of through out all these years...

lmao the reader is such a bitch, she just took the necklace like yeET and rAN
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 03, 2016
Me:Awww what a cute Name -hugs him-
                              Nathanael: O/////O
                              Me:Kawaii~!! (♡ o ♡)
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 03, 2016
Well dayum did he nvm I kept saying this line over and over again I should stop ( ._.)
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 03, 2016
Lol...but tbh I thought his horse was the black toned and black mane one...?
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 03, 2016
I feel bad about myself making Erwin-san cry since you know...he may be strict and tough but he has a soft thing in his what is it?....LOVE :D
Misaki_Vargas Misaki_Vargas Oct 03, 2016
Dafuq!?....He's like 45+ and I'm like 12-15 years old?!....I pray to the Walls that there are NO Shadis x Reader...cause its sooooo wrong #ICan'tButIHaveToTellTheTruth #NoNoNooooooooo!!!