The Art Of Unrequited

The Art Of Unrequited

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𝖌𝖊𝖒 By hiddenbottle Updated Aug 08, 2020

Ever since Maddie lost her mom to an illness at fifteen, she also lost her sense of home.

Now, at eighteen, her typical life of college and working shifts at the Bread Cave Bakery takes an unexpected turn when she meets the ever-charming Liam, a boy she realizes is the home she's been searching for. Except things fall apart as family troubles ensue, and her desire for something more than Liam's friendship gets left to dust when he rejects her.

In the midst of modern chaos, all Maddie could ever hope is for a brighter future and for the broken pieces of her past and present to finally mend together, but will she ever find home in spite of her dysfunctional family and unrequited love?

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genre: chicklit / romance / teen fiction
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