The Sex Industry

The Sex Industry

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Ciara By HowToBeAWallflower Updated Sep 07, 2013

We're the ones who get paid to fuck.

We're the ones who deliver your drugs.

We're the ones who manufactor sex toys.

We're the ones who pose for the porn you read and watch.

We're the ones who dance around poles.

We're the ones who take our clothes off for cash.

We're the ones who you get mad at when your partners and relatives come near us.

We're the ones who pimp out girls from five to twenty-five.

We're the ones who make your drugs.

We're the ones who no-one cares about if we're attacked, raped or killed.

We're the ones who fight hidden battles and cry silent tears.

We're the temptors of this world.

We're Th3 $€x ¡Ndu§tR¥



Poppy comes home one night drunk, and her dad tells her she's no better than a hooker.

Bad idea. She gets ideas. She wants to get out of her shit-hole of a life and move somewhere else. She needs money fast, and her father's idea has inspired her.

She starts pleasuring the guys at school for some cash. But it gets worse. She starts to work as a stripper and street prostitute.

Not just anywhere either. She stays with her runaway sister in Lessington, California - one of the most illegal, most dangerous town in America.

Join her as she works with and against hookers, pimps, drug dealers, addicts, traffickers, strippers, suppliers, madames, police and believe me we are only getting started.

Th3 $€x ¡Ndu§tR¥


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