Mute and Cute

Mute and Cute

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Alli Barns By Aluke_F_Jones Completed

Dave Strider. With a name like that you'd expect him to be cool and all. However, that is not always the case. 

At age ten Dave suffered from trauma, causing him to go mute. For four years he has never uttered a word. Is it permanent? Or is he simply too scared? When a horrible strife battle goes wrong, Dave is forced to leave good old Texas behind and head to Washington, to live with a new family, the Egberts. Consisting of only Mr. Egbert and John Egbert, Dave figures his life has gone farther down the hole.

Yet again, though, that is not always the case.

Could it be that Dave's life could actually turn out for the better? Maybe he's been silent for too long. Could he actually gain the courage to speak? Or is being mute forever his road? 

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie. 
This story belongs to me.
Yes, it is a boy x boy story, got a problem with it? Kindly click away.

I already have tears (not from this) but because the scene that played in my mind was SOOOOO sad
Anime2005 Anime2005 Jul 27
* mini seizure * ok ok im good im good im.....good
                              NO IM NOT THESE TEARD ARE PRECIOUS
                              I actually don't like "bro strider"
                              but i like dirk 
Rereading this. Im prepared now tho, got my tissue box nearby
also i can literally imagine this happening in the actual scene
Nope nope nope even homestuck itself didnt have a death this early noPE