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My Life as a Street Fighter

My Life as a Street Fighter

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Amber By bambi_rox Updated Mar 14, 2016

"You don't know a thing about me princess or what I do" he said in a low dangerous voice. I took a step closer to him so our lips were inches away and before his lips touched mine to moved my lips to his ear than nibbled on his earlope which he shivered in delight and I smirked in satisfaction and whispered,
 "Maybe not everything, but does the last name Knight ring a bell in that gangleader head of yours".


Alexis Knight is an 18 year old girl, her mother died of cancer when she was 5 and her father was a gangleader, but he was murdered when she was 12 which then left her living with her Aunty, Lily. 3 years after her father had died she began streetfighting, she already knew how to shoot a gun, throw knives and to fight before she could even walk. Alexis is known as Blood Shredder because she never finishes a fight without shredding blood to her opponent.
Join Alexis in her life as a streetfighter with a new school in california, trying to keep her streetfighter identity hidden, and throw in a Bad Boy Gangleader, a Queen Bitch, and enemies from the past.

Love this Chapter I hate it when boys become sexist it is so annoying
deynamtorres deynamtorres Nov 18, 2016
I'm really confused!! Why did she run? And Why did she skip when she said she would never?
LiziVashadze LiziVashadze Dec 06, 2016
right now i am going to school i might die i have 2 tests wish me luck
Movie_Allen Movie_Allen Dec 28, 2016
Lol when you were younger did your photographic memory pick up on an incorrect spelling of algebra and you can't get it out of your head?
Cute_Girlz123 Cute_Girlz123 Oct 24, 2016
this sounds great (like, really, really good), but did she take over her fathers position as gang leader? (i haven't read it, yet....)
blkgirls blkgirls Aug 22, 2016
Oh come on how can you know that these girls looking at you are whores already, they could be straight up virgins and are just curious to who this random girl who just showed up out of the blue is