CONTAGIOUS -  Lyra Samonte

CONTAGIOUS - Lyra Samonte

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Proton-chan By ProtonCoccus Updated Oct 19

Lyra Samonte was no ordinary girl,  she had magical powers, something that was a bit strange to her parents. No one understood how she got two copies of the magical gene, but her parents just brushed it off. Despite both of them working  in the medical field, they never minded their daughter's unique ability. The only thing that they were really worried about was that Lyra's had a thing for just about anything pathogenic; experimenting on them in secret and finding their weaknesses using her powers. They were thinking she would be a great microbiologist or epidemiologist someday, but that wasn't really bound to happen as she had to go to a faraway school in the United Kingdom.

As her school time went on, things started to get a bit more serious for her. There had been outbreaks of various diseases, some mild, some severe enough to get St. Mungo's Hospital involved, but one thing was for sure; the ailments were bound to be contagious and  whoever was behind it would be brought to light soon.

The question was, who was the suspect?