When Both Our Cars Collide (Frerard)

When Both Our Cars Collide (Frerard)

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tonight and always By SeraphStarshine Completed

Gerard is barely surviving until a new neighbor moves in next door, and for the first time in ages, Gerard finds himself with a friend that isn't his little brother.
Gerard never imagined that one beautiful boy could change everything for him, but he can't ignore the way Frank makes him feel, or the improvements he has seen in himself.
Gerard is aware that he is falling in love with Frank even though he knows it is wrong...he is seventeen while Frank is only thirteen. 
But he can't deny his feelings no matter the consequences.

*trigger warning for bullying, self harm, drinking, suicidal thoughts and actions, terminal illness, and character deaths*


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-tiffanyblews -tiffanyblews Nov 28, 2017
I remember dating a senior when i was eleven and everyone was like "ur a slut" and i was sad storytime with jade
zephyr_end_ zephyr_end_ Nov 25, 2017
If I wrote my fanfics because of my dreams you’d have the most messed up shît, actually I was planning to but it felt with really fuhked up topics and I didn’t start yet
Nonbianary_bitch Nonbianary_bitch Dec 30, 2017
The elderly crossing guard at my old elementary school that got hard ons in front of children was less creepy then this
YesIAmAPhan00 YesIAmAPhan00 Nov 24, 2017
I'm just imagining Gerard on "My Strange Addiction" being all like, "hi, I'm Gerard and I'm addicted to a boy named Frank"
kettu-al kettu-al 6 days ago
About 10% into the story and they're already apart. But you don't write drama just for the drama, so I think the journey to this moment will be spectacular.
radioactivevodka radioactivevodka Dec 31, 2017
why did I read the second and third words as "Star Wars"
                              someone help