The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl

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Caleb, your typical jock, quarterback of the football team and is dating the most popular girl in school.

Sasha, your typical bad girl, the new girl, she smokes, she parties, she has tattoos and she has piercings. 

Sasha is fierce and has a past that she refuses to talk about, Caleb is a player and gets what he wants.

What will happen when their roads cross?

What challenges would they face?

Read The Bad Girl to find out

spicyspoop spicyspoop Oct 06
Have fun paying for your cigarettes with your McDonald's job
That is me wen I look at my homework, think of school, and realise that I read wattpad books til 4 in the morning
But then u also think of urself being that one kid in the background of every scene with popcorn waiting for her to show up creating drama 😊
😂😂😂😂I would say she's my spirit animal , but I can't deny I'm more sloth
spicyspoop spicyspoop Oct 06
If I was the receptionist I would be like "ay least I can come up with a better insult than stupid. Are you sure you shouldn't be at the middle school instead?"
Me She is my twin I am mean and straight forward and the kind me doesn't usually visit and I have so much friends well I can be kind depends on da mood