The Bad Girl

The Bad Girl

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Afaf By Afafyy Completed

Caleb, your typical jock, quarterback of the football team and is dating the most popular girl in school.

Sasha, your typical bad girl, the new girl, she smokes, she parties, she has tattoos and she has piercings. 

Sasha is fierce and has a past that she refuses to talk about, Caleb is a player and gets what he wants.

What will happen when their roads cross?

What challenges would they face?

Read The Bad Girl to find out

I get she dont like math, but like if you make a loud noise in the hall people gonna look.  There is gonna be a point that you stare at people too without caring.
My school literally has like 20 main doors so I can't imagine this
I totally agree with you.  Like people yelling at recipitionists for no reason! 😂
She is such a rude, bitch😑.  Thats unnecessary to say to the receptionist.
Oh gosh i really hate her.  She is not even being badass she is just a bitch.  And i bet she is worse then the "mean girl" that is probs gonna pop up in this book.
Idk i like the author, because they are really good at writing, im just hoping that she gets some character development cuz shes rude and bitchy