Clace randomness

Clace randomness

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BatmanEatsPizza By BatmanEatsPizza Updated Feb 14

This is a series of one-shots about the TMI characters. (Although, the characters from TID and TDA might make a few cameo appearances.)

These one-shots will contain some Sizzy and Malec, but mostly Clace!

One-shot requests are welcome. If you have one, just comment or PM me and tell me your wonderful idea!

For those of you with smexy little minds: I now take one-shot requests with a little extra canoodling. . . if you know what I mean. ;)


Disclaimer: I sadly don't own The Mortal Instruments. That honour goes to the lovely and talented Cassandra Clare. That's why it's called FanFiction.

I also do not own the picture, I found it on google images, I just added some words.

Hope you enjoy! :)

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Auremarine Auremarine Aug 11, 2017
I love that one! I'd just say that Clary is too short to kiss Jace, so he has to bow, so she can't reach his mouth that easily XD but I like it a lot!
Sweetlilwriter Sweetlilwriter Aug 30, 2016
Ya should do  Clace one shot where Clary brings in a duck! XD
bookworm02024 bookworm02024 Jul 30, 2016
Ok, that just made me laugh😂 I just imagining it in like a romance move w/ the side effects and....Hahahahah
ichorgays ichorgays May 08, 2016
i cannot stop smiling
                              "Jace Herondale is the sexiest man alive"
                              OML xDD
devilyetangel devilyetangel Aug 12, 2016
F.R.I.E.N.D.S is still and will always be my favourite t.v show everr!!!!!!
iam_lilyluna_potter iam_lilyluna_potter Feb 08, 2015
It's just as good don't worry and btw your fanfic is stopping me going to sleep because I keep reading