Sexy one shots

Sexy one shots

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dreamcatcher_008 By dreamcatcher_008 Updated Jan 12


So this is a few one shots for pervies out there :>

Enjoy and tell me what you think. 



I got out of my car hearing the loud sound of music coming from the house.

The living room was empty. It must be coming from my step brother's room. I put my things to my room first before going to his room. I knocked first but he didn't hear. Hell, even I can't hear myself

I opened the door to see him naked on his bed, all sweaty. His red hair is all wet like he just finished a workout. His mouth was hanging ajar as he pumped his juicy long thick c*ck.

He is masturbating.

He didn't see me come in since his eyes are close. I can't help but stare at his member as he stoke it. I can feel my panty moist. Why was I here again?

His pace began to slow down as his seed come from his c*ck. I want to lick it so badly.

His eyes flew open as he saw me. He turned the music off and I came to a realization that he just caught me watching at him masturbating. Damn

I turned around, read...

Wait but if he just came, where did it land? On him or is he wipping his left overs on her??? MAYBE I think too much when it comes to books honestly 😂😂
Does it make me a bigger pile of trash for laughing instead of taking this seriously??
*claps* yup! Yup! Perfectly normal! Having a guy suck on your pussy when you wake up! A-MAY-ZING
Its okay, I have accepted it. Now, I shall relish in my trashniess 😎
                              BUT HES KINDA HOT THOUGH 
                              YEAH HES KINDA HOT THOUGH 
                              (This is so messed up idek)
PurpleMor PurpleMor Sep 06, 2015
is anyone thinking of miyabe from enchanted the the moonlight? because he has a cg kind of like this