**Editing** Slave Boy (Phan)

**Editing** Slave Boy (Phan)

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Cheyenne By twinklingphan Completed

Philip Lester is from a higher class family-the complete opposite of Daniel Howell. It just so happens that Dan, being the "badass" he is, got into some trouble with the law; it's just a coincidence that Phil's father is the sheriff of their town. They came up with a compromise: Dan has to do house work for the Lester's for however long it lasts. 

After Dan learns more about Phil, he wants to help him. He wants to protect him from those who hurt him. Why? Good question.

Phil feels like he can change Dan for the better, but what if Dan doesn't want to change? Is everything hopeless?

**This book does contain some violence and creepy parts**

Cover by: mk_atwal

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I was gonna make a "hey buddy you in London?" Joke but everyone beat me
why is markiplier now the father of amazingphil and is jacksepticeye the mother