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Forced to Be Without You

Forced to Be Without You

129K Reads 5.8K Votes 24 Part Story
Kara Mendez By KaraMendez Completed

This is the sequel to Forced to Be With You. So if you haven't read that one, go read it. 
Natsu and Lucy, stuck going to different colleges. But what issues will they face apart from eachother? How will things go?

Lexgal111 Lexgal111 Dec 29, 2016
That could be misleading if someone who didn't know you found your phone....
winter429 winter429 Jan 04
If that happens, all the NaLu fans will kidnap Natsu and melody and beat up Natsu for canceling the wedding and Ezra will also beat him up cause she won't get to eat wedding cake. :D
- - Jan 12
I'm not so sure about this Melody character. She took the engagement thing well. Oh,and did anybody else see Natsu's contact name for Gray? Explain please.
Imma call it now later in the storys Lucy's gonna transfer into fairy tail academy
- - Jan 12
I am  warning ,Melody mentally right now: GET OUT OF NATSU'S ROOM!!! NOW!!!!
You know his job can be a male stripper at a strip club if so Juvia will request him every time XDDDDD