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You Shouldn't Have Done That (Yandere BEN x Reader)

You Shouldn't Have Done That (Yandere BEN x Reader)

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Karter_Carson By Karter_Carson Updated Feb 06, 2015

A/N: THERE SHOULD BE YANDERE CREEPYPASTA X READER STORIES! I'LL TAKE A STEP TOWARDS THAT DIRECTION! There's a Yandere reader x Creepypast, but why not have the creepypastas kill for us?! I'm a BEN DROWNED fan so he's my first Yandere creepypasta x reader... If I make more... Thanks!~

Chapter 1: Our Story Begins~
        ~Your P.O.V.~
        I was playing Majora's Mask when the game glitched. 'You shouldn't have done that...' came on the screen. 
        "Typical," I said while rolling my eyes. I then glared at the screen. "I want to play the game already. I KNOW YOUR TRICKS YOU IDIOT!" I screamed. The screen didn't change at all at the time. "YOU shouldn't have done that!" I hissed. Soon the screen went black and a hand came out. "Great..." I growled. I was a huge BEN DROWNED fan, and I've read so many BEN DROWNED x Reader stories so I'm not surprised. 
        "GREAT NOW I HAVE TO START OVER ALL THE WAY AT THE BEGINNING OF THE DUNGEON!" I yelled as if the game crashed. BEN j...

Omg! I was thinking about black butler and my crushes name was Sebastian! xD
I'm gonna put 707/Luciel.....cuz I don't have a crush on someone😞
dawnxash dawnxash Oct 18, 2016
Every should see this video it's so funny 😂
Luke has blonde hair like BEN and it's the same shade of blonde XD
Stop with the references plz, * seeing this comment fills you with determination * ok don't stop with te references
Golly, I'm so confused, I think someone will have to explain me how things work here