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In Love With My Best Friend's Boyfriend [EXO - Baekhyun Fan Fiction]

In Love With My Best Friend's Boyfriend [EXO - Baekhyun Fan Fiction]

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Chloe|Xiumin's Wife|Semi Hiatus By Chloe_MinHunHan Updated Feb 07, 2016

LeeNa and SooIn, are the bestest of friends. They do EVERYTHING together. They're pretty much inseparable.

One day, SooIn and Byun Baekhyun start a relationship. LeeNa is told about this and is happy for her best friend. 

Baekhyun starts hanging out with SooIn and LeeNa a lot. As LeeNa and Baekhyun start spending time together, they realise that maybe they don't just have the typical friend-friend relationship.

Maybe it's something more than that..

But LeeNa can't hurt her best friend like that- they've been together since birth.

However, LeeNa's feelings towards Baekhyun grows even more.. To a point where LeeNa can't take it anymore.

What will she do?

Will she confront her best friend or let Baekhyun and SooIn be happy together?

Will LeeNa's and SooIn's 17 year old best-friendship shatter, because of a boy?


A Baekhyun fan fic.

Written by: Chloe_MinHunHan

Started: 28/09/14

eloize-ish eloize-ish Mar 29, 2016
b to the i, to the t, to the c, to the h, she's a 
                              b i t c h
Taehyungs_Baozi Taehyungs_Baozi Feb 28, 2016
Yay! An author that spells 'mum' instead of 'mom'... No that it makes a difference or anything...😊😊
                              BITCH U BETTER RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                              CALL THAT A BFF HUHHHH
serialaeri serialaeri Feb 08, 2016
in love with this already bc its baekhyun dude! baekstan ♥♥♥~
Taehyungs_Baozi Taehyungs_Baozi Feb 28, 2016
What the hell?!? What kind of best friend is that?!?! Please crawl back into ur mums vagína, we don't need terrible people like you SooIn!!
kpop_beautiful kpop_beautiful Jan 06, 2016
New reader! I like the Fan Fic already because my nAme is Leena! And my bias is Baekhyun!