Hatred // Muke

Hatred // Muke

109K Reads 5.8K Votes 21 Part Story
Baguette Squad!!! By adorately Completed

» Muke Clemmings High School AU «

{in editing - 6/22}

Luke and Michael absolutely despise each other.

No, scratch that; they hate each other.

Luke loves making Michael's life a living hell, and Michael still wonders why Luke does this to him.

© Julie | 2014

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Hello trigger warning i didn't see one...did anybody else...good for him though cuz I haven't
Luke be nice or imma tell your mum...she's my math teacher!!!
Okay he either spent all night playing video games or he spent the whole night jacking off to picks of Luke its one of the two
You all think its Calum and I'm just here like his he talking about his dad cuz you know...daddy issues...i dont got em what you talkin about
falloutboyasaurus falloutboyasaurus Dec 02, 2016
Someone just  won 6 stars on I'm a celebrity and I just shouted a demonic yes
falloutboyasaurus falloutboyasaurus Dec 02, 2016
Me: *doesnt wanna go to school*
                              Mum: Caitlin get up
                              Me: *pretends to be asleep so mum won't wake me up*
                              Mum: caitliN