The Keepers

The Keepers

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Ruru By iamrurumonster Completed

"Trust the power within you..."

Lara Hearthopia was abducted by an unknown archangel during the Cairos annual abduction of gifts. She never expected the abduction at all because she was never a keeper, a person who has the gift of the six elements: water, fire, earth, wind, light and dark. 
It was her twin brother Cael who's expected to be abducted by the angels because he can bend fire effortlessly and has an uncontrollable fire property. 
With questions lurking inside her as she enters the academy of the keepers,  Lara tries to unravel the mysteries of her abduction. She embarks herself in an unexpected journey with the keeps she's yet to discover. She was joined by fellow novice keepers and helped her awaken her strength. Together they will face the truth behind the abduction. The power of darkness will ascend as it seeks vengeance and reveals the story of the past that carries the cursed prophecy. 
Is she ready to take the risk of saving Cairos with  love and family at stake? 

Join Lara and her super cool friends in their adventure of discovering the true meaning of love, friendship and the true power within oneself.

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Action/Adventure/Humor
Status: Completed
Language: TagLish

JonarickMaliksi JonarickMaliksi Nov 17, 2016
Hinanap ko tlga ito ulit pra bsahin of the best stories hr n wattpad
ateKei ateKei Sep 08, 2016
rereading for the seekers.
                              para tuloi tuloi ang pagbabasa ko gang sa book two. :)
willowtee willowtee Sep 22, 2016
Rereading the keepers while waiting sa book 3..haahahaha I just miss the A team and how the group start..😊😊
regiegracejavier regiegracejavier Nov 27, 2016
Wwaahh new reader here,tamang tama sa taste ko na mahilig sa magic/action :)
KatelynMacaspac1 KatelynMacaspac1 Sep 20, 2016
Rereading!!! Harhar!! Thanks author, wag mo muna ipa.ano ha.. anu ba tawag dun pag gagawin ng book? Basta ganern.. pramis di ako mag.sspoil!!
bibimbear bibimbear Nov 10, 2016
Rereading this story........ it's one bloody hell to read! Ang gondo tologo OWEMJI!!!!!!!