The Hero

The Hero

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weirdo_ifrit By weirdo_ifrit Updated Jul 15

Story of a daydreaming girl and a living-his-life-without-a-care-boy

" OH please god, tell me I'm not holding a caterpillar in my hand right now, because of a boy with mental instability"...

"Well, 'the boy with mental instability' is right here, in case you did not notice.And also you are talking to yourself so I'm not the only one weird here..... Hey! Don't call Timmy a caterpillar! He has feelings too, you know,.. How would you feel if I acknowledged you as a 'human' huh?!". 

" Well, I'm a human, in case you are blind as well", I retorted. 


The Caterpillar.... Sorry... 'Timmy' was snatched from yours truly by an offended person. The said person then stared making cooing noises to the
 Caterpill-'Timmy', like  humans (who are considered 'normal') do, to their babies. 

" Don't mind me asking, you know just curious and all, but since when stuffed caterpillars. 
feel anything?", I asked, at last. 

" Since you felt scared of them", he replied, in his  mid-lullaby session. 

Well, as weird as it sounds, he does have a point, somehow. 

"Hey, it's looked real OK!".... 

So i am not a writer i just enjoy stories written by others. But i just tried, with this one. Just writing with whatever i feel. Warning: I can't speak or write English fluently so.. mistakes will be there