Initials Only

Initials Only

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Linz By linzvonc Updated Jun 26


Truth or Dare at a teenage party is just standard. So when Rose Johnson chooses Dare, she is relieved that all she has to do is send a text to a complete stranger. 

Well, a complete stranger to her anyway. 

Rose texts the contact she is given, and thinks nothing else of it. 

Until he texts her back, and she realises that she has given her number to not only a stranger, but a seemingly annoying, obnoxious player who seems to find teasing her amusing. 

But pretty soon Rose finds herself liking him more and more, as he reveals he isn't just a player. Soon Rose is falling for him, and she hasn't even seen met him in real life.

Or has she? 

Getting to know someone is hard, but falling in love with them without meeting them?