The Woman in 3B

The Woman in 3B

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Eliza Lentzski By ElizaLentzski Completed

The challenge was supposed to be simple. Spill a drink on an airline passenger and be one square closer to winning the company's secret bingo card game. Twenty-five different challenges, at various levels of difficulty, had to be accomplished within a month's time. 

After nearly eight years of being a flight attendant, Alice Kaminski had spilled drinks on plenty of passengers, mostly on accident and during rough air. She didn't particularly like the idea of the bingo card, but she had massive student debt; the financial incentives were enough to make her momentarily forget the questionable ethics of it all. 

The challenge was supposed to be simple-that is, until Alice saw her intended target-the beautiful woman seated in 3B. And after that, nothing was simple ever again.

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