His Only BELOVED (A Vampire Novel)

His Only BELOVED (A Vampire Novel)

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Rose By RumsKhan Updated 13 hours ago

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Derived from a German name Hrodheid, composed of the words 'Hrod' which means 'fame' and 'Heid' which means 'kind'. Also referring to a blooming flower symbolizing love, my parents named me Rose. 

Like every Indian girl who had a dream to go to New York for further studies, my dream came true when from 200 students I was selected for the scholarship to study at New York University.

Except you never know what's waiting for you in future,

A person who will enter your life, 

change your thoughts, 


presence and 

make you feel special.

Thinking about it now, it felt like he was from olden times.

Only I never knew what he really was.

The sole thing I identified was he was not a human and it intrigued me!

She is an Indian human girl...
He is an Italian vampire....
Lets see what happens when they meet🖤.