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Down To Ride

Down To Ride

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Alisha By lisha-stories Completed

I never believed in love, any type of love at that. I come from foster homes, the gutter. It's kind of like I was never meant to experience love. But then there was her. She comes from the system too, the system that was built to keep us down but she always believed that there was something more. She never let anything hold her back and I admired that about her. I was able to talk to her, open up to her about shit my counselors couldn't get out of me for years.

I fell for her.

She was my idea of love... my idea of anything real. It's just that we weren't meant to be together. I belonged down and I was holding her back. She had a future, and I was just meant to be nothing. I was meant to be a statistic because I didn't believe in shit. I wasn't anything like her in that aspect. I knew there was nothing more for me the moment I was thrown into the system, yet she saw something in me and she refused to leave me down where I belonged.

Right. Addiction is a disease and many people seem to forget that regardless of how shitty your mom is, you only get one and she's the reason why you're even here. She could've aborted yo ass
Maybe he should mind his business nobody asked for his opinion
itsk3n itsk3n 2 days ago
yeah he's really not in the right -- addiction is a sickness, addicts can't help that they're addicted. that ain't his place or his business...
LegitNari LegitNari Jun 14
He not really being negative about this though , he's telling you the truth
LegitNari LegitNari Jun 14
Aww .. see she got more patience and a better attitude than I got cause I would've dropped my mama right then and there . 😭☺️
ZyniaKaShay ZyniaKaShay Jul 10
He just real asf ❗️👐🏽 My brother always told me " if you can't take the heat getcho ass out the kitchen " 🤷🏽‍♂️