Our Dirty Little Secret

Our Dirty Little Secret

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Daddy Niya👅😁 By Zaniya18 Updated Aug 16

"I miss you." I tell her over the phone.

"I miss you too. Just one more week and I'm all yours." She tries to reassure me.

One week is way too long.

"Mama!" My little boy hollers over the phone.

"Hey, buddy. You being good for your mom?"

"Yep, yep." He's 2 years old now. And it breaks my heart that I can't see him all the time. I try to Skype with both of them every night, but it's not enough.

This secret is driving me nuts. 2 years of hiding. Nobody knows of my secret family. However, I'm hoping soon, I can lay it all on the line.

"I love you both, and I'll see you soon." I tell them. I'm sure I'm on speaker now.

"We love you too, Mama." My Son tells me.

"I Love you too bud."

We hang up and I stare at my phone. I miss them. It's been over a month since I've last seen them. Soon, I hope I will no longer have to be without them.

"Dinah ." My mother calls out to me. I turn around and look at her. "Dinner's ready..." She tells me with a smile. "Everything ok with work?"