Fight for the better good (spiderman and the avengers)<REWRITING>

Fight for the better good (spiderman and the avengers)<REWRITING>

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Insignificant By randomstuffzs Updated Mar 30, 2017

Spider-Man's comeback after almost a year(just go with it) caught the attention of the Earth Mightiest heroes and the director of SHIELD.

Nick Fury wants Spider-Man on the Avengers but doesn't have a clue who is behind the mask.In an attempt to get him to join, Fury sent the Avengers to try to get Spider-Man to join.

But when secrets are revealed, pasts are resurfacing and villains are coming back to get the Avengers and Spider-Man, will they team up or forever be two different worlds? Read on =)

Take place after TASM2 after Spider-Man took down The Rhino(Harry has not been visited by that mysterious person and I'll uh...write my version of that part:)),before AOU and before CATWS.

Winter Soldier not included :(

My story,my world,plot and rules >:)

Maybe the story is better than the description :)

I own nothing.Not Spider-Man,the villains,Avengers,SHIELD and any other people.Marvel and Sony does.

Update once in two weeks,less or more.

Might have huge gaps.

Picture's not mine


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You're calling Green Goblin, The Lizard, Electro, and Rhino small criminals?! As if.
Benelamay Benelamay Sep 10, 2017
I feel envious to all people that have TV or cable. All I have is Netflix and they have Jack skwat. Nothing that I like.
bookeatingworm bookeatingworm Oct 19, 2017
You can either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain.
bookeatingworm bookeatingworm Oct 19, 2017
You are never to old to watch cartoons, just don't watch SpongeBob, that show is highly disturbing.
Wisegirl555 Wisegirl555 Sep 03, 2017
DAM YOU AUTHOR! I'm trying to not get caught that I'm actually awake. And you sir, are making that very hard!
Hmmm, I wonder why he chose those colors. It just seems so random. Nothing related to them at all.
                              I'm going to stop now. 😂