Forbidden Things

Forbidden Things

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N.J. Nobela By N2Nobela Updated Jan 12

We forgive our enemies, but not before they are hanged.

Khensani Ciara Shaw lives by that motto. After her mother's death that is. Threatened her life by cancer and killed by sorrow, her mother's body rests six feet under. A broken girl is named depressed. One with nothing to live for is deemed dangerous. Being both, people aren't sure how much human is left.

Now an endanger to all beside her, Khensani promises to slaughter those who caused her scars and those who pushed her mother to the edge of the cliff between life and death. 

Moving to her father's home was supposed to bring a silver lining of joy in her life. When she discovers the unbelievable, happy slides afar. Losing herself to drugs was one regret in her life, will she make another or does blood feel good in her hands?

It's a game of deception, lies, heists and unwanted love. Love to her was a game until she catches feelings for someone who didn't know half about the crimes she's done.

To seek revenge is wrong... Or is it?

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