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Kellygold16 By Kellygold16 Updated Oct 04

we've heard about love between best friends, two different people falling in love, and we've all heard about how the badboys falls for the good girls (My personal favourite) but what about
" cousins " falling in love?


★Kate's POV★

life can be fair and unfair, unbelievable, sorrowful, wicked, has all kind of things, you name it. life being unfair to me is my inability to attend school and the mistake life has thrown to me is to get pregnant. I know everyone makes mistake which they all regret but I don't regret mine. like I said, life has a lot of things "Good, bad" which I know I have seen a lot of the bad phase but the good part was having my daughter and naming her



★Kelly's POV★
"I would appreciate if you mind your own business "
"what do you mean mind my own business...there's nothing wrong with walking up to your brother and telling him "hey Cedric,  I think your fiancé is cheating on you with Blake,your brother"
 "that's not true!"
"you can't deny what I saw Blake"
"get out of my sight...