Neko <-.->a Black Butler story<-.->

Neko <-.->a Black Butler story<-.->

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Cat(Neko) was a freak in the traveling circus. that's the only life she's known. 
Shortly after Ciel had becom a demon, when he and Sebastian still lived in the Phantomhive Manor, they desided to take a short trip to Paris while the circus was in town. You can only imagin what Sebastian thought of the cat eared girl who sat gloomily behind the steel bars of a cage...

Disclamer: I do not own Black Butler or any of the people in it. i am responsible only for my soul contributions to this book. any other content is simply barrowed from it's copyright owner.

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Decapitated_Cheshire Decapitated_Cheshire Jan 29, 2016
*bowing down to Author-san because she casted johnny depp as undertaker*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cold_inferno cold_inferno Nov 09, 2016
This isn't me at all!! How come everyone be like wtf it's meeee!!!
thelonergirlreject47 thelonergirlreject47 Mar 07, 2016
Since everyone was naming cat. I'll call you, frisk, cause why the fudge not, plus, I bet she'll get very FRISKY later on, ya get what I'm saying?
EliyaBlomquist EliyaBlomquist Jun 20, 2016
I'm a name you Elentiya cause it means light and life and it's from my favorite series of book the throne of glass sieries
Shayray189 Shayray189 Aug 17, 2016
                              is that what it's called?
natcat677 natcat677 Mar 25, 2016
I'm a cat person and every time I see a bird I just want to be friends but it just flys away and I Chase it and jump on it to give it a hug but it always falls asleep when I do and never wakes up this always happens "cries inside"" look a bird" oh no it happened again