Moving in

Moving in

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Jessica Adams was your average senior getting her best grades possible and doing everything she could to help with college. There was her two parents, her little brother Jay, and her friends in her life. Life was simple, nothing exciting or new until her house is infested with deadly types of spiders. Mr. and Mrs. Adams close friends the Johnson's let them move in with them until the spiders are gone. The only problem Jessica has with this is their son, Blake. Blake was the cocky bad boy type of kid Jessica hated; they had a couple of classes together in school. Blake and Jessica were completely opposite. So what happens when their worlds collide?

Moving In // the_wanted_forever

Disclaimer: This is one of the first stories I have ever written. Therefore, there are a lot of mistakes (I'm too busy to fix them) and it's very bad. You have been warned; read at your own risk.

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