After Hetaoni (Italy x England)

After Hetaoni (Italy x England)

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Jonathan Combs By izzyanimefreak Updated Sep 23, 2016

Everyone escapes the mansion alive but Italy is a ghost of his former self. Everyone blames him for bringing the countries to the mansion. One day Italy finds the journal with his name still written in it plus a note.. Terrified, Italy runs away and hides. Missing for days, Germany asks England to use his magic to help find the missing Italian, England agrees and sees an image of the future, Italy on the edge of a cliff with the journal in his hands. England rushes to save him. Will he get there in time? Or will he be to late...?

(I really, really suck at summaries and this is my first fanfic. I know this ship is weird but I don't care! Italy x England is really rare so I decided to write fanfic on it.)

(Update: the summery is irrelevant now because i changed some things, im improvising as i move along)

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Wow your story is amazing! YAY ENGITA FOR THE WIN! I ship it a lot too~ I hope germany and Americas plan doesn't work!
WolfStorm-Pancakes WolfStorm-Pancakes Sep 27, 2016
I thought England went blind in HetaOni.... Well I'm not fully done with the game sooo >.<
izzyanimefreak izzyanimefreak Jan 22, 2015
@BlackGrizzly im gonna try and update tonight ^^ haha i didnt think people would actually like my story, thank you ^^
izzyanimefreak izzyanimefreak Jan 22, 2015
@BlackGrizzly im sorry, i will really try. school has givin' me not free time X(