I'm in love with my teacher a SasuSaku.

I'm in love with my teacher a SasuSaku.

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Lauren By LaurenFitzpatrick Updated Sep 23, 2014

A/N You can listen to the song while you read.
To Sakura

Sakura: "hi my name is Sakura Haruno and I am 16 years old and this is my..."

*Sasuke comes in and leans on the wall*

Sasuke: *leaning on the wall* "who's story?"

Sakura: "our Story..."

Sasuke: "good cherry blossom, you get a..." *kiss her*

Sakura: *Blushing* " This is my boyfriend Sasuke and he's 21 years old. yes he is 5years older than me but it doesn't mater if you love the parson right Sasuke?"

Sasuke: "right S.A.K.U.R.A and I'm going to eat a 🍅. So you can cuntinue what you where doing before, ok." *leaves for the 🍅's*

Sakura: *whispering* "he loves them, maybe more then me...😔" 

Sasuke: " I can hear you!😠"

Sakura: "dam it😓, anyway this is our story.😋"

Sasuke: *whispering* "she's not very good that whispering yet.😎" *eating the 🍅*

Sakura: "Sasuke how meany 🍅's do you eat?"

Sasuke: "fucking hell, don't scare me like that😱! Two or three, why?"

Sakura: "just wanted to know that's all." 

Sasuke: "oh ok....

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- - Oct 20, 2014
Nice chapter I really love it I see you are kinda not good in your English but no worries you'll get better!❤️❤️update soon plz!!