Need to Know~ Liam Dunbar

Need to Know~ Liam Dunbar

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Kelsey Stilinski is back in town.

After three years at a boarding school in New York, she's back in Beacon Hills and ready to start her first day of Freshman year at Beacon Hills High. 

There's only one problem- she has no idea what's going on.

Her brother and his best friend Scott McCall actually aren't terrible at lacrosse, Stiles is friends with Lydia Martin, and everyone's acting strange and keeping secrets. Oh, and while she was gone a ton of people were murdered.

But when she meets a cute new boy named Liam, will she be able to get over the weirdness with his help? 

Or will he be like everyone else and keep her in the dark?

Whatever happens, Kelsey is sure of one thing: she needs to know.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Teen Wolf or any of the characters, I just own mine like Kelsey

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zionsdimplesxx zionsdimplesxx Jul 25, 2017
@_MYSTICSALVATORE keep you're rude comments to yourself, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want anyone saying that about your books
nicoleeex_x nicoleeex_x Apr 13, 2017
Flashback to when I was obsessed with soldiers returning to their families compilation
cd_jb_js_7 cd_jb_js_7 Jun 27, 2016
Why Justin didn't do anything 😭😭
                              Put him back on that wall
fireandgold101 fireandgold101 May 14, 2016
Let the rain 
                              Wash away
                              All the pain from yesterday 
                              I know my kingdom awaits 
                              I'm coming home
                              I'm coming home
                              I'm coming home
antisocialpan6a antisocialpan6a Aug 13, 2015
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.I know my kingdom awaits