My Benefactor

My Benefactor

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Sheena By crimsonnebula Updated Sep 21, 2012

After Reagan found out that she was a product of her mother's teenage indiscretion and her so-called father's reason for her abuse, she went to her boyfriend's house for comfort only to find him sleeping with another girl.

With that she ran and ended up at the bus stop where she met a man named Derek. She was enthralled with his beauty and she ended up opening to the stranger's serene face. Derek, however, after hearing her story, decided to help by letting her stay with him. She doesn't want to impose but what else does she have to lose? She had nowhere to go and sure as hell didn't want to go back. She accepted his offer and stayed with him.

After two years, she came back. To where the pain started.

Reagan will soon find out that Derek was no ordinary man. And when she finds out, she will be thrown into a world that shouldn't exist in real life. Can she take it or should she ran away?

More secrets will pop out and her ex boyfriend, has a secret of his own.

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samTraw samTraw Aug 01
Hahaha Thats sounds like Scar from the lion king (love that movie)
Constantly flirting?? I'm confused as to why she didn't Molly whop that ho the first time.. she let it become a CONSTANT thing?? helll nah
SippersGirl SippersGirl May 04, 2016
I want to be rich enough to have a whisk too 😗😗😗😗
stylison_trash stylison_trash Jul 06, 2016
Dude its only 5 years,plus he could be a camp so it's like ... also they just exartaye the time between them
Spazsterz Spazsterz Jan 11
Ugh. I hate when characters say this. Its not suave! What is he even demonstrating? Safety?