Shhh, Just Go With It

Shhh, Just Go With It

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justanamelesswriter By justanamelesswriter Updated 5 days ago

Mr. Fisk put both hands on either side of me on the shelf in front of him. His soft lips moved slowly against mine, as I close my eyes & gave into the kiss, I felt at ease for the first time today. Our mouths moving in a slow, passionate rhythm, both of us savoring the pleasure before pulling away. 

Realising what had just happened, I looked up at him in disbelief, half of me secretly hoping he wanted this just as much as I did. He looked back at me and smiled, confirming my secret hopes, his eyes holding a spark I've never seen before, making me smile too. He lowered his head to my ear & whispered, "Shhh, just go with it."

Teacher//Student Pairing.

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macyjasim macyjasim Jul 16, 2016
You're such a good author, why is no one commenting on ur book? Better yet reading it
lemmanade05 lemmanade05 Jan 30
love this book so far! Maybe people aren't commenting because they're so into it...
daugz101 daugz101 Jan 12, 2015
I seriously loved this chapter! Update please! it already seems like an interesting storyline that surprisingly isn't used very often in books. I love it!!