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used to be justanamelesswriter By twinkling_fireflies Updated 2 days ago

          * * * 
          linger |ˈliNGgər|
            1. to stay in a place longer than necessary, usually because of a unwillingness to leave, just as the thought of him did so in my mind.
            2. to spend a long time over something, just as my mind did when deciding whether or not what we had was really worth fighting for.
                Whether it was the thought of him, the feeling of his touch, the smell of his cologne, the sound of his voice, or even just the mention of his name - a part of him always lingered still, no matter how hard I tried to move on. He lingered in my mind until he finally became an actual part of my life. 
                Teacher//Student Pairing.
                All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2013 | twinkling_fireflies

uh...I've been reading this for awhile..but I thought his name is Daniel Fisk?  because I was reading this when it was called Shh, just go with it so...I'm kinda confused. Plus I really love the original name..just a personal account @twinkling_fireflies
macyjasim macyjasim Jul 16, 2016
You're such a good author, why is no one commenting on ur book? Better yet reading it
lemmanade05 lemmanade05 Jan 30
love this book so far! Maybe people aren't commenting because they're so into it...
NamelessJa NamelessJa Mar 01
This is amazing. Your writing is beautiful, you have so much talent! I already love this.
daugz101 daugz101 Jan 12, 2015
I seriously loved this chapter! Update please! it already seems like an interesting storyline that surprisingly isn't used very often in books. I love it!!