You're the Father || larry stylinson (mpreg)

You're the Father || larry stylinson (mpreg)

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emi / slow updates By nerdylou Completed

When Louis Tomlinson finds out he's pregnant after a one night stand with someone from a party, he's determined to find the father.

The road to parenthood isn't a smooth one for Louis. And Harry isn't helping the situation any when he suddenly shows up.

But Louis isn't the first one to realise there's a beauty behind the madness.

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cover by impexfection [manip creds to rightful owner]

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nerdylou nerdylou Aug 29
y'all i haven't written niam in years, and i don't ship ziam. so why would i include either in any of my fics, idgi.
Ouch, Niall's wirh Harry and Louis like's Harry.! 
                              What an Amazing and Awesome Chapter.! 
                              xx 💙
Whenever I read the title I kinda get some StarWars vibes 😂😂😂
what_1022 what_1022 Sep 13, 2014
"And today on The Maury Show, Louis Tomlinson is pregnant after a one night stand. Who is the father?"
_SweetDisposition_ _SweetDisposition_ Sep 13, 2014
I really want to read this because I'm in love with the idea but I'm scared of a sad ending.I can't stand them and I get so emotionally unstable.