Error (Databrawl) REWRITE

Error (Databrawl) REWRITE

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The Bread Man By PhileNTheBlank Updated 3 days ago

haha yes I rewrite again

nooo Phile you can't just rewrite every book


The Malware have been getting pretty advanced. New variants of Corruptions like V-Signs and Happy99s have been plaguing the Dataverse. But they're always up to these. They're fighting for control of the computer, after all.

But nobody expected this.

A young Firewall, going by the name of Ari, has been working her way up the ranks. She was easily more capable than a Passionwall Executor for a mere 1 year old Firewall. The Malware have her on target. They have a new experiment awaiting her capture. An experiment that could doom the Dataverse.

Could a traitor stop her own forces before fate clasps to the innocent?