Time | Phan AU

Time | Phan AU

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Miraculous Phan By AllTimeRachel Completed

Dan has set a date. He will wait 6 months and if his life isn't better by then he will end it. Just days after planning this he meets Phil. Things get worse at first, and Dan continues to feel worthless. Can Phil save him before its too late?

Triggers: self harm, suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, eating disorders. 
Phan fluff <3 no sex but all the homo 

-This is a longer version of my creative writing piece -

Gonna be completely honest, I forgot what happens in this fic so I'm gonna reread it so this will be my second but first time...? Whatever.
SoupOrGamer SoupOrGamer Jul 16
Ugh I really want to read this but I'm a very sensitive person xC
Bish, you skinnier than me. You prettier than me. Bish you can get yourself a boyfriend. Bish, I'm the forever alone meme
Your facts Dan, if you're going to obliterate someone at least use correct grammar
i build these walls in my mind not to keep people from getting through them and knowing about my depression but to see if anyone cares enough to break them down
I'm still not okay from my last fan fic this one better be happy