Thrown to the Wolves

Thrown to the Wolves

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Valerie Stephens lost her parents when they were murdered in their own home. In an attempt to shut out the world, Valerie distances herself from everything. At only nineteen, she lives in sadness and fear with no sense of security. Her wish to escape is granted when she falls down a cliff and gets thrown directly into a world of truth that may be more unbearable than her past.

Hale Annikov became the Alpha of his pack three years ago at age 17 when his father was killed in a rogue attack. Hale's pack members were not confident in his ability to lead until they were attacked by rogues and Hale pulled them through the incident with minimal damage to the pack. Through successfully protecting them and building their pack into one of the most powerful in the region, Hale earned their trust and unquestioning loyalty. 

Three years later, the attacks start happening again. Hale discovers the mate he had been waiting for covered in blood at the bottom of a ravine and he begins to believe there is something more going on.

Mystery. Prophecy. Betrayal. Magic. Revenge. Murder.

registeredhoe registeredhoe Apr 04, 2016
Ugh, finally a good book to read! I've been going through some not so good books and this book is a relief!
RoyalyBree RoyalyBree Jul 24, 2015
Please read my story Because alpha said so I have a feeling you'll like it
gigi89 gigi89 Jul 19, 2015
OH SNAP that was amazingly written I loved the details and by far a awesome start
ally_anna3 ally_anna3 May 31, 2015
your grammar is great but too much details this makes the story boring
Kaecoots Kaecoots Jan 21, 2015
Wow, I have to hand it all to you, this was by far the best chapter I've read of anything similar to this book based on grammar, interesting wording(none of the usual fanfic type vocabulary), and original content 
Kaecoots Kaecoots Jan 21, 2015
Good. you don't need him, especially if he's acting like that. Dump his sorry arse