I Never Meant To (AU Phanfiction)

I Never Meant To (AU Phanfiction)

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King of Pheels By AmazingDanonFire Updated Oct 12, 2014

They say that the moment you find the love of your life, you're love-struck. They say you can't speak because your mouth is too dry and your heart is beating too fast and forming a coherent thought, let alone sentence, is an impossible task. (Few people also say something about 'sparks' or getting lost in the stranger's eyes)

I found this to be untrue on the day that I ran into Phil Lester.


Dan's life USED to be normal. Just like any other nineteen year old in London, he lived on his own in a cheap flat, ordered food from every take-out place, and played video games all day when he wasn't working. But when he runs into Phil Lester, who becomes his best friend and more, things change.

trlozzaluvxox trlozzaluvxox Oct 14, 2016
They say "stay in your lane boy, lane boy"
                              But we go where we want to
phannatic phannatic Oct 27, 2016
Just stay in bed and be antisocial aka the words I tell myself every day
pmlxdjh pmlxdjh Sep 04, 2016
Kinda wish he wasn't a youtuber in this bc I prefer that to not be a part of the story but this is really good so far
Divergent_Muggle Divergent_Muggle Aug 21, 2016
I thought it said "his pants were the invisible barrier that separated us". How did my mind conjure that up?! I was like woah Dan, a bit soon mate, but nope it was just me and my sick mind... 
                              I'm gonna go...
acciochaitea acciochaitea Dec 16, 2015