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My One True Love (#Watty2017)

My One True Love (#Watty2017)

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VICMAD By VICMAD Updated 3 days ago

~We fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.~

Multi-Millionaire Edward Scott thought he was living the perfect life. He had an amazing supermodel girlfriend, owned one of the biggest software companies in the world and had more money than some small countries. Living in New York, he was ready to settle down, start a family and live his happily ever after until he receives a letter taking him back to green pastures of Clinton, Louisiana.

It had been nearly twelve years since he stepped foot in the old historic antebellum home that he once lived in. He had vowed never to return but here he was coming back to face his past. The one he tried so hard to escape.

Evelyn Peters, his mother, was known as a heartless, unforgiving bitch. She was stern and raised her son with a firm hand until she hired a maid, Mamie Flores in which Mamie brings her daughter, Savannah into Edward's life when they were children. What started as a friendship, changed over the years, into a sweet love. That was until Evelyn found out and with her treacherous ways, threatened that love causing Savannah to leave without telling Edward or leaving a clue.  

Unknown to Edward and Savannah, Evelyn's husband, Edward Sr. and Mamie had begun their own love affair, that was until Evelyn found out the truth and quickly destroyed it leaving questions unanswered.

Now present day, Edward is called upon as his mother is now on her deathbed. Will she reveal the secrets that she's carried all these years, or will she keep them buried within her?

**Currently Editing**

Hahahahaaaaaaaa YAS queen 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾😩
pmgayles pmgayles Aug 16, 2016
Edward meet his son and had no idea. Please let him see Savie before he leaves?
sweetsimone30 sweetsimone30 Aug 18, 2016
Love it love it love it another great story from you can't wait to read the rest
Tsamuels78 Tsamuels78 Oct 04, 2016
Nasty disease😫 one minute the person is looking healthy and the next they look like nothing but bones 😔
bookqueen14 bookqueen14 Aug 09, 2016
I love it, and can't wait. It seems a little different from your usual books
samrepublic samrepublic Aug 04, 2016
Ok so u not only reminded me to pray  u also grabbed my attention 👍👍👍