Slenderman x Reader

Slenderman x Reader

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smashlynn By smashlynn Updated May 01

I live with my mom, she's not the best and I know she doesn't care for me.

I usually keep to myself, I don't understand people, and I'm not to fond of them anyways.

* i updated the cover and yes i own it.....though i dont own slenederman and incase if you didn't know I don't own you either*

I question all humans. Why is everyone so stupid? I don't get it.
moosazombie moosazombie May 07
I am 16 and I still got my baby blanket. That blanket is my life.....even though I ate off of it and it's pretty holy and ripped but I love it and will die with it.
Gee doesn't that sound familiar but I don't know where from... oh year it's called reality
Sheakell1 Sheakell1 May 15
I have extremely dry skin so whenever I put any kind of foundation/concealer it looks so cakey and peel offy (if that makes sense lmao)
i love how we dont even care that his EYELIDS ARE BURNT OFF OR THE FACT THAT HIS FACE IS CUT UP, but maby were just into that
I feel like I'm the only one who didn't know that it was Sally. I feel stupid now ;-;