Slenderman x Reader

Slenderman x Reader

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smashlynn By smashlynn Updated May 01

I live with my mom, she's not the best and I know she doesn't care for me.

I usually keep to myself, I don't understand people, and I'm not to fond of them anyways.

* i updated the cover and yes i own it.....though i dont own slenederman and incase if you didn't know I don't own you either*

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Wait that means if ..she and slendy got together.. then she'll be sallys mom.. and that'll just be.. brain overload
In my high school no one will care about the bear build a bear was popular then 😂
My dad called the divorce since he caught my momma cheating. He got 2 my siblings i got stuck with the she devil
I need to put consealer on,  because I have bags under my eyes,  even though I get good sleep (which is VERY RARE), other than that,  I just put on some eyeliner and some lip gloss.
My dad dont pay the child support 😂 cant relate on that part
"I feel bad for the burger it even didnt  deserve to be put to waste on a vile burger you will be missed"