Is there a cure for Love? (SCP 049 X Reader.)

Is there a cure for Love? (SCP 049 X Reader.)

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So, yeah, in this story you are all like:

You: "Man I'm too pro for this! I could do it at any time!"

And that night some soldiers came and took you to the breach as an class-D personell.  

Fun right?!


You have to go and survive SCP - 049. At first, he seemed terrifying but, he had a certain mystery to him, you wanted to find out more about him and luckily for you, you were the only one allowed in there.

But as days pass, you start to feel something new, form inside of you. What is this new feeling? Find out by reading the story!

Rights to everybody:

Image: I found it on Tumblr, so, all rights to the owner of the image.

SCP 049 and other SCP's: To the SCP Cointainment Breach and it's owners and creators.

You: To yourself.

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As soon as I read “black hair in the style of a Mohawk” I thought “Is that who I think it is”
                              And then read “With a weird t-shirt with an” and like held my breath
                              And then “M” and I completely lost it
inksans201x inksans201x Nov 29, 2017
Paint it black!!!! Or paint it, WHITE! (I'll love you of you understand both jokes)
TriafromFFF TriafromFFF Mar 11
i read mark as mario and I screamed
                              "I AM DOCTOR MARIO NIGGAS"
TriafromFFF TriafromFFF Mar 11
Me:*goes on a speaker* HELLO, CAN I GET A SINK, AND SOME PINK DYE PLZ! *the nerdos do that* THANKS! *dyes clothes pink* BETTER
battlecryangel battlecryangel Dec 25, 2017
                              *Midget.mp4 has stopped working*
SCP-049:*DEEP BREATHING*u look nice
                              Me:why thank u :> now I run*RUNS OFF*
                              SCP-049:WAIT FOR ME LIL YELLOW GIRL
                              Me:okie*le slow down then gets hugged*crap wait I'm not dieing!
                              SCP-049:ur not infected u are not dieing 
                              Me:oh okie