Diabolik Lovers: The Sadists' Sister

Diabolik Lovers: The Sadists' Sister

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The Home of Reverse Harem By ParkHaneul11 Updated Aug 01, 2015

Who would've thought that the great Vampire king, Karl Heinz had another child with Subaru's mother, Christa? And it's a female!

As another family member suddenly appears, replacing Subaru's position as the youngest and the only female out of the now seven siblings. Oh dear, things will get interesting as this sister of theirs is too irresistible (and tempting) for the six Sakamaki brothers.

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BrokenBlackDiamonds BrokenBlackDiamonds Nov 02, 2016
Me neither *licks bloody knife* *throws up* ewwwww how is this yummy?
TheDeathOfBenadette TheDeathOfBenadette Jun 04, 2016
Let me guess: she tripped over a rock and some how got impaled.
AwkwardKing- AwkwardKing- Oct 09, 2016
Too innocent! Young one, pls stay away from me. You might get a pick from my mind, and I want you to save your innocence
- - Jun 23, 2016
Not all fangirls fangirl over you Laito. -_-****  NO ONE CARES
TheBlackCatss TheBlackCatss Apr 06, 2016
Melons? Does she have..... *clears throat* big oppai? *clears throat*
I used to not like Laito as a character ╮(╯▽╰)╭......But then I heard his dubbed voice...........*faints* (///▽///)