This bad boy of mine

This bad boy of mine

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Baybi Campbell By Misfitbrit Updated Jun 29

"But-I-you- we were not designed for each other, I'm...and you're..."
"Just face it okay...I'm right for you, It's like the story ,I'm you're Adam and you Eve, Goddamnit...and you know that too" he closes the distance between us, closer and closer until we are centimetres apart
"You are mine"

Eve Scott is 17 and has been home-schooled her whole life by her controlling, over-bearing ,and over-religious pastor of a father. She's a new definition of good girl and will never cross her father-ever.

However when she starts at her local school she soon finds out there's a lot to learn especially when she collides with Malakai Cortes aka bad boy extremist...

Read to find out more to find out what the stars have in store for these two unlikely compatibles.
Warning: Contains sexual scenes, mature themes and mild language which may not be suitable for younger readers.

I don't know why this made me laugh but it did, it's already such a great story😂
My dogs name is Malachi and there is three people in my school named Malachi
That pastor better have gotten an annulment with his previous wife otherwise he's not married in the eyes of God
Awee123kyl Awee123kyl Mar 28
Malakai is a sexy name! *sets elbow on table and props chin on hand then stares at him* So sexy
That's right girl. I do this every morning. Wakeup and go to school for two reasons only.
                              1:my one true crush
                              2:my best friend
awkwardlyleah awkwardlyleah Dec 28, 2015
I like the name Kai. It's my best friend's older brother's name