Don't Runaway  [Book 2]

Don't Runaway [Book 2]

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C. M. Alexander By Alexander226 Completed

The second book of the 'Don't Say No'.
Warning: may contain strong language, sexual contact, and violence  

"Until we meet again." A promise that will never come.

Hiding from the world and solving strange supernatural cases. This person is the soul shadow of the town. Everyone that knows of him, calls him the Runaway. The police have no idea who the Runaway is but one man is determined to find out.

Victor Wolff was sent to the home town of Dawn Moore. In search for Dawns younger sister that may still be alive. In search for the missing sister Victor encounter with the Runaway. 

From what I'm told its more addicting, emotional, and better than the first book. Never hear a second of something being better than the first.

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megan_price megan_price Nov 17, 2016
I love this series!!! I cried when dawn died!😥😥 Anyway y do u put this at the beginning?
ambrollinschild ambrollinschild Dec 14, 2016
I love this series in dont say no i absolutely loved the ending
HxGxOx HxGxOx Feb 06, 2016
roxi7619 roxi7619 Nov 24, 2016
omg in your last book I was crying until I found out that dawn didn't die and was now a vampire and was pregnant with twinss
elsalafolle elsalafolle Nov 24, 2015
I sorry but I can not read your book because I'm in college and I not understande in classeroom the lecon so a book in English for the moment it's impossible but it really well emdlem
ed2wfu ed2wfu Nov 21, 2015
Incredible work. You're a talented writer. There's so much here. Strong and consistent voice.