Getting Through (Teen!lock)

Getting Through (Teen!lock)

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When John first arrives at his new boarding school, he was expecting a normal room mate. 

God, he was wrong. 

Sherlock may be far from normal, but this only attracts John more. However, with the fascinating, mind-boggling deductions comes battles; mental and physical strains that Sherlock has been fighting alone for years.

But he's not alone anymore.

Sport? That's the thing my family likes to watch right? The thing that makes you sweaty?
Rip those curls out. Do it Jawn. 
                              *whispers* I know you want to.
XD oh my god! "Mom I'm sorry, I know this is disappointing for you. I don't want to play sports. I want to be a doctor." "Oh... I see. Well I can't stop you." Like my parents would kill.
"Same," I chuckle as I realise I am so far back in the closet I can see Narnia
At first I thought of Charlie, but then I remembered Charlie is Queen and would never do that
Wait... Pushing her tongue against her cheek? Why? XD she's so strange