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A little Luck (GLs)

A little Luck (GLs)

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A. Trent By a_trent Completed

When you run, you don't look back.
 You don't feel sorry... Nor remorse.
 You stop wondering "what if?".
 You just run...
 Rarely hide as well... 
 Kate's been running for too long and she's been hiding for longer. She's tired and consumed by guilt. She wants out, but there's no way out of this -except for the one way that would make her face the past. And Kate's scared of her past. She's been avoiding her past for four years. She already keeps a small piece of her past with her and it's killing her.
 Lucas stopped thinking about his past a long time ago. It was too painful. Too merciless. And he was too weak now, to go through that again. He wanted to live. He wanted to be free. He wanted his heart back. But in life we don't always get what we want... He was STUCK. Yes! The word describing him best was "stuck". He wanted nothing to do with the past, but at the same time, he wanted her. And she was connected to his past. God knows that if he had a choice, he would gladly go through all the heartache again to get her back. 

 But that's enough for the past. 
 The real question is: "After all the pain of the past, can the present and the future of two tortured hearts be saved by one great love?"
 Let's hope so...©
  The sequel of "Gaining Luck"

mum0672 mum0672 Oct 05, 2016
What???  OH GOSH NO!  They can't both be settling.  Come on...
mum0672 mum0672 Oct 05, 2016
What???  OH GOSH NO!  They can't both be settling.  Come on...
PrincessKim99 PrincessKim99 Oct 05, 2015
Was there a book before this one, because I'm really confused
a_trent a_trent Apr 17, 2015
@oSarahLouise I know that this may seem harsh, but she only did this for him in the begining. You'll see Sarah. And I hope you'll like the story even though some characters get hurt at some point. You can also read Gaining you when you finish this for more info about the two of them. xo
oSarahLouise oSarahLouise Apr 17, 2015
Noooooo!!!! Why??????? Why would she do that!!!! Lucas is going to be so hurt!! 
a_trent a_trent Dec 22, 2014
Well, gbaby159, people sometimes get scared and do stupid things... What's meant to happen will happen anyway. ;)