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Ballad of Silence and Wings

Ballad of Silence and Wings

34.4K Reads 2K Votes 12 Part Story
Eleonne Moona By eleonne Completed

A silence to keep and a wicked queen to defeat.
    An exiled princess returns to her kingdom, bent on slaying the immortal sorceress, the Queen in the Glass Mountain. By her side is the Caster, guide and protector. Perils await them on their quest, and will test not only their strength but their hearts as well.
    Yet how will such thirst for vengeance serve the Princess, if not to lead to her own ruin?
    Follow the story of the silent Princess, from the fairy tales "Seven Ravens" and "Six Swans", retold as one of grief and hatred, of lost dreams, and above all, of how love can emerge from even the darkest of places.
    Cover art by Oliver Barcelon: http://oliverpaulobarcelon.daportfolio.com/

  • fable
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  • fantasy
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  • love
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