Rebels ain't into badboys

Rebels ain't into badboys

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i<3 arizona By i_want_arizona_asap Updated Jan 07, 2017

''So now that we're stuck with eachother. what's your name?'' He chuckled with a confused look on his face, but I kept my questioning gaze on him. 

''You really don't know who I am?'' I shoke my head and sighed, was this guy ever going to get to the point? ''I'm David, you know? The most popular guy in our school? The school's badboy.'' When he said that I burst out in laughter.

''Y-you call yourself the schools badboy'' I said still laughing. He nodded proundly. ''That's ridiculous.'' he rolled his eyes and glared at me. 

''So whats your deal? You're the daughter of a movie star but nobody at school knows  who you are?'' 

''Actually everybody at school knows me. They just made the smart decision to stay away.'' 

''And why do they do that'' he looked so serious, it made me laugh

''Because otherways they would get into a hole shitload of trouble.'' he laughed.

''You're not that bad'' he said. Okay first rude. second who does he think he is he doesn't know me.


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Jordyn644 Jordyn644 Apr 08
Zamn_Dallas Zamn_Dallas Nov 07, 2017
I dead laughing 😂😂 ninja kick? Couldn't have just punched him?
lifeafter1212 lifeafter1212 Jul 15, 2016
Like it, but seriously needs a little help in the grammar department
WafflyWaffle WafflyWaffle Jul 07, 2016
The person in the picture has exposed her boobs! IT'S DISCUTING
maddddyg maddddyg Feb 19, 2016
I don't mean to be rude but I just thought I would let you know that it's spelled actress